Ngaliya Services Launches Indigenous-Owned Company

Ngaliya Services, an Indigenous-owned company based on Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi and Turrbal country, proudly announces the launch of its website. The platform showcases the company’s dedication to providing a diversified service offering, with a core focus on civil and landscape construction.

With a strong commitment to execution and delivery, Ngaliya Services boasts a highly skilled operational workforce, complemented by reliable plant and equipment from resource partners. Their technical service capabilities, including design, systems management, and project management, ensure that projects are delivered to the highest possible standard.

The website offers a glimpse into the company’s dynamic range of services, which cover civil and landscape construction and maintenance programs. From the design phase to delivery and ongoing maintenance, Ngaliya Services strives to provide holistic solutions for their clients.

As a company deeply connected to its local resources and communities, Ngaliya Services is set to make a significant impact in the civil and landscape construction industry. The website serves as a testament to their dedication and expertise in delivering top-quality services to clients.

For more information and to explore Ngaliya Services’ capabilities, visit the newly launched website.